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ElectroSex - Erotic Electro Stimulation

Interview excerpt:
Cambridge University, UK
November 11,1999

homemade electric sex toys

Dear Sirs,

Here are the answers to your questions regarding the subject of Electro sex. Please don't hesitate to contact us again if you require any clarification or additional material.

Technical Services Company


>>>>What exactly is "Electro sex"?

Electrosex is a method of sexual stimulation involving the use of low voltage electronic signals to stimulate the nerves in the sexual organs into triggering pleasure and orgasmic response. Utilizing electronic signals to duplicate and increase normal sexual stimulation can have quite a profound effect on the sexual arousal of an individual or individuals. The nerves can be triggered in a way that never occurs, even in the best "normal" sex, or with friction or mechanical vibrators. Nerves are electrical triggers anyway, and by applying electronic signals to activate them, the feelings can be incredible.


>>>>Your Web Site is about the use of a home stereo system in Electrosex.
>>>>How does that work?

homemade electric sex toysThe home stereo system is actually, to use electronic terminology, "a high quality low voltage signal amplifier". The average home stereo is designed to accept very low level input signals from a large variety of sources (i.e.: CD, radio, tape player, equalizer, VCR, DVD, an a multitude of others), and amplify and process these signals through tone altering circuits, into the music we listen to. This amplifying action is completely controlled by the various controls on the stereo. The result is music or noise, depending on your definition of music, with all its tone and volume variations, played out through the speakers.




Well, with a few clever tricks in application, these same signals that are normally sent to the speakers as music (or noise), are instead routed through the sexual genitalia to produce the nerve triggering action already discussed. The results can be........unbelievable. Through the roof......as one might say.

Most electro sex equipment is expensive sophisticated electronic gear adapted to specific requirements, however it occurred to us that most people already have something in their own home that produces very similar electronic output. (This output is called "Modulated low voltage wave forms".)


homemade electric sex toys

The simple application of a few principles of modern science produces the most intense sexual sensations you have ever experienced. Fully adjustable from a light tingle to intense throbbing pulses, electronic stimulation can bring the ULTIMATE ORGASM time and time again, for you or a partner, or both.



This system of stimulation produces the most intense pleasure you can imagine!!!
For as long as you like, as soft or as intense as you want it.
It is safe, and everything is under your complete control.

It does not require any modifications to your stereo system.
If you can connect your own stereo speakers,
then you have enough knowledge to use our system!


>>>>How did you get involved with these techniques?

This started in San Francisco around 1985. Some very sexually liberated people were starting what they called a "Sex Pleasure Spa". We were hired as electrical control systems engineers, to design and install elaborate lighting, control and visual effects for the swimming pool area. The pool was in the shape of a penis with two hot tubs for the balls, and overflowed from the tip into a very suggestive vagina shaped spa, containing steam injectors and jets of hot water. This pool room was incredibly sexy, as well as the entire facility.

During the course of our work, we were asked if  would be interested in developing the electrical components for a very special "Pleasure Room" in which they intended to install sex toys and devices of every description, including a complete section for Electro-stimulation. At this point , Electro-sexual stimulation was a new world, but we quickly became quite interested in the concept and practice of applying electronic signals to the genitals to induce intense pleasure and orgasm(s). Research went down some very interesting avenues, including BDSM "clinics", University studies concerning impotence and erections in men, and other products and systems that were already in use at that time.

Needless to say, after what was witnessed and experienced with this type of erotic stimulation, we became  active proponents of this type of pleasure inducing system.

> > > > You claim that these electrical currents can stimulate multiple orgasms.
> > > > Is this promoted purely through the electrical currents or do you use
> > > > these in coordination with other sexual techniques?

homemade electric sex toysIn "normal" sex multiple orgasms sometimes occur in women, but rarely, if ever, in men. With these techniques multiple orgasms or very prolonged orgasms are possible for men as well as women. The stimulation to the genitals is completely controlled and can be increased at the onset of orgasm, or immediately after initial orgasm, with no effort from the participant. An erection is not even required to continue stimulation to the point of additional orgasm(s). A very interesting study was conducted by the Japanese, under laboratory conditions, monitoring the heart rates, length of time to erection and orgasm, and duration of orgasm(s), in both men and women. The results showed a very significant increase in sexual arousal and pleasure using Electro-stimulation.

These techniques are utilized in many different ways by participants, limited only by their imagination. They are used alone or in conjunction with many other types of sexual practice including masturbation, hetero, gay, group, fetish, BDSM and others.

> > > > Could you give some examples of how your techniques have
> > > >helped yourself or others?

First of all, the techniques are used to induce really intense sexual pleasure and orgasms the like of which most people have never experienced. In addition to this we have received many e-mails from people with AIDS, physical disabilities, elderly people and many very lonely single people, telling me of their experiences and of the great joy of finally achieving full sexual satisfaction, which normal masturbation often falls far short of. These techniques have helped many to relieve the frustration of not being able to have normal sexual relations, for whatever reason. Some have reported penis enlargement with frequent use, as these methods stimulate the muscles in the penis and groin, and just as with any muscle or tissue, frequent use or stimulation causes growth.

> > > > Do you have any useful tips for convincing doubtful partners to use your
> > > > techniques?

People often approach with strong skepticism or complete disbelief. Magazine articles are devoted to Electro sex in Playboy, Hustler, and other mainstream sexually oriented publications. Articles in many sexual magazines, in many languages from around the world, have written about the subject. Videos are available on the Internet of Electro stimulation in actual use. HBO has even picked up the subject and has presented some introductions to it.

> > > > How would you respond to someone who was instantly put off by the fear
> > > > of danger and pain?

These methods have been used for years, by many people, with no negative side effects at all. We stress to people that every aspect of this experience is entirely under your control. It can be infinitely varied from the slightest tingle to soaring throbbing pulses, and anything in between, and as long as people practice these techniques with a little common sense, there is no danger whatsoever. But, as with anything, negligence, abuse, excessive drug or alcohol use or intentional misuse can present some potential dangers. We stress here, that there are precautionary measures that can be take to prevent exceeding certain limits, and that they should be employed if even the slightest risk situation is possible.

> > > > How successful has your site been since its creation?

Quite successful. We have been on-line for two years, and the response has been extraordinary. This is a brand new subject to almost everyone, and as Electro sex becomes more widely known, it will be more readily accepted. Because of the extensive response we have received, we are presently in the midst of a complete site upgrade and redesign which will make a wealth of information available to those interested in the technology of Electro-sex, techniques and applications for the sexual experience of the century..

> > > > Do you see your techniques becoming mainstream?

Quite possibly. It will never replace intimacy, who would want it to? But with the increasing liberation in our backwards cultures, of our absurdly suppressed sexuality, it may become a widely accepted practice. It should. And if you're single, it sure beats the hell out of normal masturbation!

> > > > When you were developing these techniques where there any unfortunate
> > > > accidents?

We personally know of no serious accidents whatsoever. There have been some reports of minor skin burns, but these were always a result of negligence, intentional abuse or intoxicated use.

We would like to add here a few words of caution to any of your readers that are tempted to jerk the wires off their speakers, hook up, and turn up the music:

DON'T !!!

You first need to know the precautions, stereo settings and techniques. Without the correct connections to the stereo and the correct application to the genitals, you will most likely just get an irritating burning sensation, may end up with some skin burns, and could blow out your whole stereo system. In addition, ANY system of Electro-sex stimulation is NEVER intended to be used above the waist, except in a very special way, and then with great caution.

> > > > Do you have a favorite song which you play through your sound system?

Personally we prefer custom tailored MIDI, .WAV or other sound sources such as stereo demonstration disks, sources of "white noise", or just some very interesting static on the FM radio band.

> > > >Does the type of music played make any difference to the sensations?

All the difference in the world. The type of signal to the genitals varies incredibly with the type of music or other input source. Rock and roll can pulse your balls to intense orgasm, whereas something classical can produce a long slow arousing stimulation climaxing with a screaming crescendo orgasm. We had one customer write to tell us that he could not believe how wonderful Johnny Mathis CD's were.

So, everyone likes something different. Everyone has a different concept of pleasure, thank God. And this is actually one of the most beneficial aspects of utilizing a home stereo system over other systems, as it is so versatile and can produce so many different type of output sounds. Something to please everyone.

Another incredible feature of a stereo system is that it actually plays signals through the genitals in "stereo". The feelings produced move around through the sexual organs in "stereo", just as in the music you listen to.

Other types of input devices can be used with the stereo, such as a tone generator, equalizer or musical keyboard. These produce yet another incredible world of experience, as the tones and intensities are actually produced and totally controlled by the practitioner.

> > > > Do you have any philosophical foundations to your techniques?

Yes. Have fun. Enjoy Life. Don't believe what your parents told you. Experiment, Experience, Find out everything, Live life to its fullest.

> > > > Are the techniques easy to pick up for the sexual novice?

Very easy. Anyone can use these techniques. They do not require any type of knowledge of electronics or anything else, just some common sense.

If you can hook up speakers to your own home stereo system, you have enough knowledge to utilize the simple yet thorough instructions and techniques we provide.


Technical Services Company


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